At dentsu, we believe that our differences make us stronger. Our mission is to be a champion for meaningful progress and a force good – with and for our people, clients, consumers and communities. To achieve this, we embed diversity in our mindset, in our solutions and in our teams to empower an inclusive, equitable culture. By building equity within our teams, we aim to become better collaborators with each other and with our clients, driving better outcomes for all.

Global Diversity Equity & Inclusion Report 2022

We are proud to release dentsu’s 2022 Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) report. Last year, dentsu Americas released the industry’s first dedicated DEI report, setting the standard for transparency and accountability with a comprehensive 360-degree study of DEI progress and activations. This year we have expanded our DEI report to share a wider view of global progress, with initiatives and stories from across Dentsu Group. The report is a 360-degree view of our progress as we have continued to embed DEI into each region.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion sits at the heart of dentsu's Social Impact strategy– our fully integrated sustainability strategy which includes our ambition to build a fair and more equal society, where everyone is equipped to thrive.

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Pathways to progress: DEI deep dive into the Canadian market

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This accompaniment to the Americas DEI report represents Canada's market activations on our DEI framework. Here, you will find spotlights and progress on our DEI journey to date as well as our aspirations. This report lays the groundwork by which we measure future success. This is our commitment to transparency and accountability.

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Les voies du progrès: Diversité, équité et inclusion au Canada

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Ce document a pour but d’accompagner le rapport DEI des Amériques et représente les activités du marché canadien. Vous y trouverez les points forts et les progrès réalisés à ce jour dans le cadre de notre parcours DEI, ainsi que nos aspirations. Ce rapport établit la base qui nous permettra de mesurer notre succès futur. Celui-ci représente notre engagement envers la transparence et la responsabilité.

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Belonging Is Essential to Thriving

Where do you belong? And what does belonging really mean? 

In our latest blog, Marème Touré, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion explores these seemingly simple questions, uncovering the complexity of belonging, and why it is essential to thriving.

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Our Commitments in Action

As a modern marketing solutions company, we understand and value the significant role that we play in creating positive change, progressive policies and representation. We take a top-down and grassroots approach to our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts so that DEI permeates every aspect of our business. Our cohesive organizational design, with Lines of Business and centralized functions, allows us to truly operationalize this at the dentsu level and within our agencies. View our social impact commitment>

Attracting, developing and promoting diverse talent

We are committed to progress through how we attract, onboard, develop, and promote talent at all levels. It is critical that our people have the support and programs where they will be engaged and thrive. 

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Building Future Leaders

From how we invest our peoples’ careers with ongoing education, to our campus recruiting programs and relationships with diverse student organizations, partnerships with organizations like Onyx, and building internally-developed early career programs within our brands and, dentsu’s The Code program for high school students, we’re creating a workforce that is rich in diversity of thought and representation.

Growing community & client impact

We are committed to leveraging our craft to create platforms and social solutions that push reform and drive sustainable change, to collaboration and sharing all that we learn with clients, partners and our industry community to advance progress.

Deepening research and learnings

We work to deepen understanding around anti-racism, anti-sexism and equity in all forms through our educational efforts and BRG events, partnership with organizations like Allyship & Action, and through our craft, such as the research from our Strategy team that provides value and insight to our industry.

Advancing representation in the media

We’re drawing awareness of minority-owned,-operated and -targeted media partners and on a mission to advance diversity across media supply chains.

Partnering with diverse suppliers

At dentsu, we believe our suppliers, like our employees, should have equal opportunity to thrive, and that equitable actions are needed to achieve this. By including and encouraging diverse businesses in our supply chain and, we create fair opportunity, promote innovation, and stimulate growth.