Angela Harvey

Chief Strategy Officer, Grip

thought leadership

There’s no doubt that 2020 rocked our society. From a pandemic to devastating wildfires, to standing up to racism, it was a year filled with profound societal impacts. These are just some of the factors that have caused us to re-evaluate the values most important to us as a society and as individuals.

Heading into 2021, this growing undercurrent of mistrust has only amplified today. We see evidence of a more critical consumer – a consumer that is not as trusting of information they hear or see in the media, fuelled by the overcurated lifestyles portrayed on social media, the callouts of fake news, and by politicians with a loose grasp on truth. 

In our 2021 Trend Report: Trust and Trauma we explore the shift in consumer trust, showcasing where trust is growing and where it has withered, and what this all means to brands. 

This report explores how a more genuine ‘customer first’ approach has formed, following the new ways consumers and brands had to engage last year. We dissect the growing role and reliance on tech needed to foster relationships and to help us look after our health. We uncover a shift in the balance of power regarding who we trust, from holding brands accountable for bad behaviour to finding fresh heroes in those that stand up for what they believe in. Lastly, we explore the reset seen in how we engage with charities and social media content. 

In 2021, trust has clearly become one of the most important considerations in relationships between consumers and brands. Through this exploration we hope brands, and the teams responsible for the way brands interact will find fresh new ways to build genuine trust. If you’re interested in learning more about how to build authentic trust with your consumers, we’d love to get in touch.