New cheese-y jingles show Canadians are singing Armstrong’s praises.

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Toronto, Canada – (Oct 18, 2021) – Canadians eat a lot of cheese – annually, each Canadian eats almost 13kg of it. When it comes to choosing a cheese from the dairy aisle, Canadians aren’t particularly picky - they shop the whole category. But, not every cheese is created equal. So, dentsumcgarrybowen teamed up with Armstrong Cheese, a Saputo brand, to prove to Canadians that Armstrong tastes better than the rest.

There’s a presumption out there that all cheeses in the dairy aisle taste the same, so people buy whatever is on sale. But, blind taste tests and testimonials in social media revealed that Canadians love the taste of Armstrong. With that learning, Armstrong set out on a mission to prove they have the tastiest cheese. Instead of just telling it to Canadians, Armstrong proved it by letting fans do the talking for them.

“We’ve always known Armstrong cheese has been a fan favourite and we have seen many posts on our social platforms of consumers going to great lengths to purchase our cheese and they have happily shared their stories with our online community!” said Tina Galluccio, Marketing Manager on Armstrong Cheese at Saputo. “It’s incredible to see how many people had a taste preference for Armstrong. The question became, how do we share this love for all of Canada to see?”

To prove just how much Canadians love the taste of Armstrong cheese, real testimonials from Canadians across the country were used: “We reached out to various fans all over the country and requested their permission to feature their actual posts in our communication”, said Rich Pryce-Jones, CCO at dentsumcgarrybowen. “We then took their posts, featuring their real “taste-imonals”, and had some fun with them, turning their real comments into jingles to let Canadians know just how tasty our cheese really is.”

The campaign takes a lighthearted approach to break through the typical category tropes, which historically have taken a more serious, straightforward approach. Designed to showcase brand love, three spots were developed to each feature a real consumer “taste-imonial”. The concept is tied together with a consistent design language, featuring emojis and (you guessed it) lots of cheese. At launch, the concept will come to life in different ways across television, online video, social media, and out-of-home. There are already plans to further amplify the campaign in future phases, using everything from Saputo trucks to digital audio platforms to bring Canadians’ taste preference for Armstrong to life.  

Launching as an integrated campaign just in time for the fall - when cheese comfort foods are in peak recipe rotation - it’s a new communication era for Armstrong, one that is as bold as its delicious cheeses.


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