Carolyn Meacher

Chief People Officer, Canada

Carolyn is a seasoned transformational executive and change advocate. She is a certified leadership coach, emotional Intelligence instructor and change facilitator who has been leading people practices in various capacities over the last 15 years.

Prior to dentsu, Carolyn was Global Chief People Officer at an award-winning media and entertainment company focused on helping women see feel and claim their power.

Carolyn has had her own practice providing coaching & culture initiatives for high growth, creative and technology companies including companies like Zappos, Wave HQ, Capitol One, CNET Media Group, Rotman Center for the Advancement of Women in Business and many of our competitors in the communications business.

Carolyn shifted her focus to people, leadership and culture practices after 25 years in the agency and marketing business where she led many change initiatives at Rogers Communications, Key Media, Eaton’s, BBDO, and Ogilvy and Mather. She believes in fostering dynamic, inclusive workplaces through purpose, trust, compassion and creativity.

Carolyn Meacher, Chief People Officer, Canada