Marème Touré

Vice-President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Marème, third-culture kid to the core, has harnessed a sensitivity to culture and differences through her mixed heritage upbringing and frequent moves as a child. She understands that people’s unique abilities and perspectives are what propels companies in a globalized context.

From her Master’s thesis on the integration of immigrants in the Quebec labor market, to partnering with community organization for Talent choices, or developing Pay Equity analysis services for SMEs to address gender inequities as an HRBP earlier in her career, Marème has always sought equity.

She joined dentsu Canada in 2019 as HR director for the Montreal office. Her passion and dedication as co-chair of dentsu Canada’s Anti-Racism Action Team guided her to her current role. Marème continues to strategically advocate for efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, creating methods of connection, integration, and seamless interaction across the business - shaping and implementing transformational diversity, equity and inclusion efforts including all human capital practices associated with the workforce, culture, marketing, supply chain and clients.  She has led the build out of our first Canadian DEI report together we thrive,  launched a mentorship program for our racialized employees, built a DEI champions community with more than 7 business resource groups and enhanced psychological safety and cultural fluency through meaningful workshops.  Knowing that fighting injustice is the work of many, Mareme sits on DEI committees for the adverting and marketing industry, namely the Canadian Marketing Association and the A2C. She is committed to creating a healthy and vibrant culture, enabling every employee to do great work, build a phenomenal career and feel that they can show up as they are, culminating in an inclusive work product.


Headshot of Marème Touré