Dentsu Aegis Network approints new leadership positions for the Balkan and Adriatic region

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Marketing communication agency group Dentsu Aegis Network is strenghtening its operations across by appointing people in key roles to drive growth for its clients.

Approintments include new roles of Chief Operating Officer Dentsu Balkans Radoslav Nedelchev, Head of Affliate markets Albena Petrova, Chief Client Officer Marinela Ristic and Marketing & Communications Director Heli Ruotsalainen.

New positions are created by CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Balkans Maria Grachnova. She sees the new structure on driving the networks' transformational agenda across the markets and unleashing the combined power of Dentsu. 

  • Our goal of being more close to all the markets in the Adriatic region and closer to our clients. We already deliver brilliant integrated solutions for our clients across the ten Dentsu Balkans markets and as our momentum is increasing, we want to make sure our structure supports the growth and operations.
  • The new structure also responds to the growing demand from the client side, who are centralized in a similar way. I'm certain this structure will impact the markets in a positive way in all client outcomes, Grachnova says.

Dentsu Aegis Network has grown in the Balkan and Adriatic region in the past years by earning the trust of multiple key clients across markets.

  • We deliver services to our clients through our amazing globally renowed brands like Carat, Isobar and iProspect, but we are 'One Dentsu' at heart and also in operations. I'm delighted to work with our Dentsu team that understands our clients deeply, and can truly deliver results.
  • We are most know of our media and creative services. In unison with the new leadership team will have a fascinating challenge on leveraging our solutions in eCommerce, CRM and data to the Adriatic markets to help brands in the region to unlock their growth, COO Dentsu Balkans Radoslav Nedelchev comments.

Dentsu Aegis Network is a global platinum partner with marketing technology companies like Adobe and Salesforce. Through its own data & research services in Dentsu Data Labs the network is positioned to be a partner that can deliver end-to-end client solutions.

  • We are the most skilled network in the region in delivering service throughout the whole customer journey from physical touchpoints to innovative media solution into nurturing with marketing automation. This is an exiting and new proposition for the Adriatic markets.
  • As we move on more and more to people-based marketing, we need marketing technology together with media and creative materials in delivering these personalized experiences to people. Dentsu is in the best position to help brands in that across the region, Chief Client Officer Marinela Ristic ensures.

Dentsu Balkans consists of ten strong and successful markets - Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and Adriatic affiliate markets - Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania. Living by its vision 'Innovating the way Brands are built' it is serving clients via brands Carat, Isobar, iProspect, Dentsu Data Labs, Dentsu X, MKTG and Vizeum, also supported by its specialist and multi-market brands. The network services span from best-in-class expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services to data and CRM in a distinctive and innovative range of products. Dentsu Aegis Network, part of Dentsu Inc., is headquartered in London and operates in 145 countries worldwide with more than 47,000 dedicated specialists.

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Radoslav Nedechev, COO, Dentsu Balkans & Bulgaria and CEO Dentsu Croatia

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