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Our most popular Christmas cake is bejgli (sweet filled roll). And our bejgli? Well... we „youngsters” don’t even try to bake one, since it really looks like a gigantic task. And of course granny can’t always be at hand to help us out...



Vénusz found a solution: here’s the gif chat-recipe! 

First of all, we had to find a real granny.  It was really important to capture her typical figures of speech and also to create gifs out of her gestures. And then all we had to do is to mix everything in a chatbot which started using Erzsi’s phrases. This is how we made it possible for everyone who wanted to bake bejgli to have a granny around. While using the chatbot users felt as if Erzsi was there to guide them through the whole process. She showed them everything in real time. For example, she waited patiently while we separated yolk from egg white, and she texted us when the pasta rested enough so we could continue the job. She also told us when the baking time was over and gave compliments about the bejgli we baked. This is how Vénusz helped young people to bake their own bejgli this Christmas.


We made a teaser video and shared it as an ad (access: 477 thousand) and paid post (reach: 80 thousand). Activation received only positive feedback, several people tagged each other in the posts and invited their peers to try the baking. 18.7% of the chatbot users shared the project. In the end, the time users spent with the chatbot was more than 1,5 hours, which was exactly the amount of time they spent with the Vénusz brand! 

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