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MTU is a truly global company, serving numerous technologically advanced industries, with active customers in every major geographical and economic market. With such scale comes great complexity. Each industry and customer segment have their own specific needs, while each market has different characteristics, such as geographical, technological or regulatory. In such context, creating consistency of design and customer experience is a significant challenge. Dentsu Creative was tasked with designing a product-focused digital destination which on the one hand provided business units the flexibility to meet their specific customer’s needs, but on the other hand, ensured that customers in all industries and markets have a consistent brand-strengthening experience.


Through interviews of global sales teams, internal departments, industry experts, and analysis of competitor solutions, it was possible to accumulate a wealth of domain expertise. Combined with a continuous and willing participation of internal stakeholders, Dentsu Creative was able to successfully organise and structure all content to simultaneously offer business unit autonomy, product coherence and overall synergy. The project was built on the Adobe Experience Manager enterprise-grade CMS, which provides great flexibility for multilanguage and region-based localisation of MTU’s product offerings, not to mention new cross-link possibilities between business units which were previously stand-alone entities. Dentsu Creative also developed a design system based on atomic design principles which would become the foundation of the rebranding for launch as well as the modular building blocks to ensure design consistency and extendibility going forward.


After 2 years of intensive work, the project launched in December 2019 in MVP form, featuring 40+ modular building blocks, 2 languages and 9 regional site versions.
Dentsu Creative delivered a well organised, clear and robust structure around which MTU can further grow their current product lines and business offerings in all markets, all while maintaining a consistent design language and strong brand position. Furthermore the established design system and state-of-the-art CMS provide the flexibility to deal with all current requirements plus the extensibility to cater for future possibilities. MTU can now attract new customers more effectively, accurately track their interactions, discover their pain points and ultimately meet their needs, irrespective of where they are in the world.

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