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Erste Bank


Encouraging a heterogeneous customer base to shift towards digital.

With over 1M retail customers from diverse backgrounds and more than 800,000 monthly active users on their digital platforms, Erste Bank is one of the biggest banks in Hungary. Despite the high engagement on their digital channels, the majority of interactions between customers and bank still took place offline. As a result the burden on assisted channels like branches and call center is still high. The goal was to help customers move forward in their digital channel adoption and usage.


In-depth customer research and solution generation using Design Thinking.

To understand the customer's motivations or hesitations regarding digital channels, we laid out an explorative design research phase, where we interviewed customers from different backgrounds, as well as bank clerks and other stakeholders.
We evaluated existing digital platforms like NetBank and MobileBank using both heuristic analysis and user testing. Armed with these valuable insights, we organized several co-creation workshops with the bank because in our experience the best ideas come from this type of collaboration.
After the workshops, we shortlisted solutions using an effort/impact assessment.


Implementation ready solutions that move the needle.

Dentsu Creative delivered a range of solutions to encourage Erste Bank's customers to engage with and boost their confidence in the Bank's digital channels. Erste Bank emerged with a clear roadmap to advance the digitization of its customer-facing services.
With better understanding of customer needs and behavior, we were able to increase customer engagement with digital banking and thus create a seamless connection between customers and their bank.

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