fake website


fake videos of cute dogs


increase in revenue of 1% offers


Golden Effie award


In Hungary in the tax declaration period people can donate 1% of their personal income tax to a civil organisation or a foundation. This is extremely important as more than 50% of the foundations’ income comes from this source. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to do this – mainly because they forget about it. How can we emphasize the importance of this type of donation in the name of a small dog shelter foundation called Vigyél Haza (Take Me Home)?


The Internet is overloaded with videos of cute animals - and we love watching these. So, we created a fake Facebook account sending people to a fake website (, meaning, where they could watch videos of cute dogs.

The twist: the videos stopped loading at 99%, because 1% was missing. This is how we encouraged people to donate their 1% on the foundations’s website.


Our goal was to raise 20 million HUF in 2018 compared to the 14 million HUF in 2017, so we could cover the foundation’s  yearly operational budget.. According to our estimations, we needed 1000-1500 new donators.

The result: 23.790.694 HUF in total was collected, which is 72% higher than last year’s results. This amount was donated by 5005 people, which is 58% higher than in 2017.


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