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Bioextra Zrt.


Pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, teas, and cosmetics are all produced with health in mind by Bioextra Zrt. We developed a fresh and memorable commercial video for Bioextra Ferrovit iron products as part of their rebranding.


Instead of adopting the conventional pain-centric approach, we aimed to build a campaign that would help people form a positive, likable impression of the company and the product. The unusual and ineffective iron substitution choices set the hilarious tone of the movie, setting it apart from the sea of dietary supplement advertisements.


The final product was a funny commercial that made an impact on viewers. The manner the supplement was presented upheld the importance of spreading knowledge about healthy living while yet including enjoyable material.

We also developed the ferrovit.hu website as part of the online campaign so that people could learn more about iron supplementation and iron supplements.

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