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Inspired by the success of the #loveislove campaign the aim of Coca-Cola was to continue focusing on important social issues. As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Hungary by the end of November 2020 and the whole country went on lockdown, we realized it’s time for Coke to come up with a positive message that also promotes wearing a mask in a way that is not in conflict with the values of the brand.


We have come up with an uplifting ad that encourages people to smile, even – or perhaps, especially – when wearing a mask. Even with your face partly covered, people can still see that you’re smiling. It’s all in the eyes! And people smiling leads to more people smiling, which leads to more people smiling, and so on.


Citylight ads showing smiling faces half covered with Coca-Cola red and the Coke ribbon placed in a way to resemble a mask appeared all over Budapest. We managed to spread a positive message that raised awareness about the importance of wearing a mask when it was the most important: in the midst of the reemerging COVID-19 pandemic. 

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