Adobe X Keith Haring Sparks a new wave of creativity with Digitized Keith’s Brushes

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Inspired by the work of iconic artist Keith Haring, Adobe has launched a new mission to democratize art by digitizing Keith’s tools and making them available to everyone. The new campaign, Creativity For All, developed by Isobar - Dentsu McGarryBowen Amsterdam, invites creatives to make art on social issues. 

Keith Haring was more than an artist, he used his deceptively simple style to fight stigma, challenge perceptions and ultimately, make the world a better place. To continue that legacy, the team worked with the Keith Haring Studio to digitize Keith’s tools, based on his favourite marker, piece of chalk and graffiti paint — and make them available in Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco. 

A collaboration between Adobe and Isobar -Dentsu McGarryBowen Amsterdam, this campaign invites a new generation to use creativity to raise awareness for social topics they care about. The hero film — a vibrant and fresh example of creativity in quarantine — was created by artist and film director Dima Maseykin, represented by Bakehouse production in Moscow. The animation combines his unique style with the spirit of the 80s. The result is a modern aesthetic designed to reach the creative audiences of today. Like Keith, Dima dropped out of art school in his 20’s to leave his first graffiti tags on the suburban outskirts of Moscow. “That was also the first time I encountered Keith’s simple iconic images that stuck with me ever since. Only later did I truly understand the messages behind them – of love, peace and equality.”

Antfood composed an original music score to support the film, which echoes Keith’s energy as an artist. The music begins as a homage to Keith’s New York. Using analog synths and drum machines, the aim was to capture a nostalgic feeling reminiscent of Grand Master Flash while still creating something distinctively new. Mirroring the progression of the story, the music shifts into a more contemporary version of the same palette, reflecting the sound of contemporary creatives. 

Adobe is collaborating with a swath of renowned artists such as Shepard Fairey and Kate Moross but is also inviting all creatives to pick up Keith’s brush and explore their passion. Adobe’s Global ECD Dan Cowles explains, “The power of this campaign is that it gives everyone the opportunity to raise their voice”.  They, together with Adobe, Isobar - Dentsu McGarryBowen Amsterdam, want to encourage creativity and unity in these times of uncertainty. To join the movement, pick up Keith’s brush and start drawing a line. 

Making of Film: 

Client:                                    Adobe Inc. 

Concept:                               Isobar - Dentsu McGarryBowen Amsterdam

Produced by:                        Bakehouse Production,  Antfood Audio Studio 

Authorised by:                      Keith Haring Studio (Artes