Lauren Olson

Director of Marketing, DEG

Trends don’t lie. As consumers shifted more toward digital outlets over the last 18 months, advertisers did the same. Salesforce predicts that revenue from digital advertising will more than double that of TV by 2024. Which is why Salesforce has announced an expansion to its Media Cloud through the Advertising Sales Management tool. And dentsu is proud to be one of the initial partners helping publishers implement and deploy Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud.

It's time to invest your resources into defining and streamlining your digital advertising strategy. The first step: identify challenges you may face.

Challenges for the advertising ecosystem

As the number of channels for advertising increases, so does the complexity of the advertising ecosystem. Media companies utilize 24 data sources on average to manage all their systems for ad inventory and tracking campaign results. The top challenges that marketers face from all the back and forth with their data include:

  • Inaccurate sales forecasts and media plans
  • Inconsistent sales processes and operational workflows
  • Lack of visibility for inventory and performance
  • Unnecessary manual processes
  • An inability to create intelligent upgrade and cross-sell opportunities
  • Long sales and contract cycles                             

These issues often result in poor inventory utilization, high operational costs, and revenue leakage. All things that make every advertiser cringe. If all this sounds all too familiar, your company could benefit from Salesforce’s Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud.                                                                                                                                               

Manage advertising sales with Media Cloud                

The best solution for today’s publishers to streamline their data is to utilize one platform that integrates workflows and campaign reporting into a single view. Advertising Sales Management is one of the first platforms of this kind, paving the way for innovation within the media process.

Advertising Sales Management is one of four pillars under Media Cloud. Media Cloud is an end-to-end solution for media companies to manage advertising sales and supercharge sales teams to sell smarter, faster, and grow media revenue powered by industry-specific processes, workflows, product catalog, CPQ, and deep integrations and other features.

Salesforce expanded Media Cloud with Advertising Sales Management to also offer:                          

  • An automated transparent workflow
  • Customer-centric data over product-centric data               
  • A single pipeline and pacing view
  • Realtime AI media insights
  • An automated billing and reconciliation process
  • Improved client presentations

All of this adds up to increased revenue, faster customer life cycle and results, and lower TCO. As a Platinum Salesforce Partner and one of the largest and most robust media agencies in the world, dentsu is well positioned to help publishers and brands leverage Advertising Sales Management and capitalize on digital advertising’s meteoric rise.

See it for yourself

Hear what Salesforce has to say about the launch of this new product and see Advertising Sales Management by Media Cloud for yourself. Walk away from manual processes and data inconsistencies and walk toward streamlined digital advertising.

Salesforce Announces Advertising Sales Management