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The global stage for innovation, CES brings together pioneers in technology, marketing and media from across the world to understand how brands should show up and meet growing consumer expectations. Over four days, attendees will dive into immersive experiences, meet with key partners to discuss the latest trends, and preview disruptive emerging technologies that will shape consumer behavior. 

CES 2024 Rewind: All The Intelligence, Artificial And Otherwise

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Every year CES gives us a window into a future that blends aspects of what ‘our future’ will eventually look like in a matter of years and a ‘what if’ version of the future populated by experiments that never fully take off or perfectly working gadgets that are simply rendered irrelevant over time by the competition or a particular market context. Check out the 6 emerging themes from this year's event. 

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CES 2024 on The Human Element: A Carat Podcast

As the curtains close on CES 2024, Carat's podcast, "The Human Element," brings you a front-row seat to the technological innovation we saw in Las Vegas this year. Our innovation leads Sarah Stringer, EVP Head of US Media Partnerships at dentsu; Michael Liu, EVP Head of Innovation at Carat; Whitney Fishman, EVP Head of Innovation at iProspect; Tommy Huthansel VP Head of Innovation at dentsu X, dove into the key insights and themes across CES, the annual trade show showcasing the latest products and technologies within the consumer electronics industry. 

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Dentsu @ CES 2024

Brian Monahan
Global Client President & Head of Retail Media Solutions
Sarah Stringer
EVP, Head of U.S. Media Partnerships
Valerie Vacante
VP Solutions Innovation
Michael Liu
EVP, Head of Innovation, Carat USA
Tommy Huthansel
VP Head of Innovation, Dentsu X
Whitney Fishman
EVP Head of Innovation, iProspect