Urban One and Chevrolet Partner on “Real Talk Drives Real Change” and season 2 of “More Than That with Gia Peppers

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Cultural icons use their resources, voices, and platforms to combat BIPOC social injustice and empower audiences to make a positive community impacts.

June 9, 2022 - New York, NY-- Urban One and Chevrolet announced today that they will continue their partnership, using their resources and platforms to create positive social and economic impact within Black communities across America. The second year of their partnership kicks off with two campaigns premiering in June, to create spaces for conversation to be both held and heard to enable actionable change resulting in true progress.

On the first anniversary of Juneteenth being established as a Federal holiday, One Solution, the award-winning division of Urban One, and Chevrolet will explore historical, contemporary, and future Black experiences against the racialized ideals of the American Dream through special episodes of the award-winning podcast, More Than That with Gia Peppers (produced in partnership with media agency dentsu).  Additionally, anew cross-platform campaign, Real Talk Drives Real Change will bring the experience to life with a four-market tour that begins in June with content also shared on Urban One platform for worldwide viewing. 

More Than That with Gia Peppers take a two-part sonic journey through the holiday’s history, , beginning with the harrowing deception of Texas slaves who were belatedly informed of their freedom and its current day ramifications. Guests include: Dr. Benjamin Franklin Chavis Jr., a civil rights leader and an assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Young Guru, Howard University alum and Grammy Award-winning music engineer for Jay Z and Roc Nation; and NAACP Image Award nominee Lynae Vanee, a multifaceted performer, poet, influencer, writer, and actress. Guests will dive through the intersections of freedom, education, bias and the events that led to Juneteenth’s establishment as a national holiday.

Pop culture and political commentator Mike Muse will host Real Talk Drives Real Change, which continues conversations on racial disparities.   Muse will address issues that disproportionately impact people of color and provide listeners with real-life tools to inspire positive change in their world. four city tour will rotate high-profile guests, thought leaders, and cultural icons discussing zeitgeist-shaping moments within Black culture, from historical and modern racial tensions to academic and corporate achievements in the business sector. The four-part thematic series establishes a forum on a range of issues deeply rooted in the Black experience and acknowledges the strain of America’s racial disparities but recognizes the unbelievable aplomb, resolve, indomitable faith, efficacy, resilience, and radical love that is erasing the generational traumas that have burdened the plight of Black America. This live tour of panel discussions will be free ticketed to the public and will also be streamed live.  Local community partner organizations will be showcased encouraging attendees to support their causes and initiatives.  Performances by chart-topping and burgeoning musical artists will amplify the events.  Guests will be announced within a week of specific show dates.

Real Talk Drives Real Change tour dates and themes are as follows:

Panel #1: June 26 (Washington, DC)

o Theme: Higher Education Access

Panel #2: July 24 (Atlanta)

o Theme: Policy/Justice Reform

Panel #3: August 28 (Philadelphia)

o Theme: Mental Health & Wellness

Panel #4: September 25 (Houston)

o Theme: Financial Freedom

“We are honored to partner with General Motors Chevrolet on the Juneteenth episodes of the audio series More Than That with Gia Peppers in partnership with dentsu Americas and our inaugural foray into the important conversations that will happen with Real Talk Drives Real Change.  Since our inception, Urban One’s mission has been to amplify Black voices and empower Black communities,” said Alfred C. Liggins III, CEO at Urban One.  “We are excited to continue to share these core values of inspiring, entertaining and informing the Black audience with Chevrolet and their agency partners with these two important and connected efforts.  Chevrolet’s commitment to provide platforms to discuss issues impacting the Black community and provide solutions is imperative.”

These projects underscore Chevrolet’s unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. By allowing space for Black thought leaders to engage with rapt audiences nationwide, Chevrolet is an ally in advocating for improved outcomes in America’s Black communities. These conversations will crystallize ideas and be a sounding board for Black people to discuss issues and topics important to them.

More Than That with Gia Peppers provides ample safe space for raw and honest dialogue with stakeholders and thought leaders who courageously push forward conversations deeply rooted to the Black experience in America. Real Talk Drives Real Change actualizes conversations often held in Black communities across the country and amplifies them to spark meaningful change and deepens the impact by allowing for live audience engagement.

Audiences of More Than That with Gia Peppers and Real Talk Drives Real Change can access additional program resources, including a playback of past episodes on the One-Verse micro-verse (content hub) on NewsOne.com and TV One’s Video on Demand platform

For up-to-date information about “More Than That with Gia Peppers” and “Real Talk Drives Real Change” please click HERE.


One Solution continues its partnership with media agency Dentsu for the More Than That with Gia Peppers podcast series. Host Gia Peppers will be joined by notable influencers and experts to discuss the significance of Juneteenth and share visions of Black liberation – sponsored by Chevrolet. 

With Dentsu’s ongoing effort to support black voices, Gia Peppers continues this amazing series on Urban One, Spotset, and American Urban Radio Networks. The series, exclusively distributed by Black-owned and operated businesses – is available on all major podcast platforms.  


Through a cross-platform campaign, Real Talk Drives Real Change will identify and address issues that impact people of color (i.e., higher education access, policy/justice reform, mental health & wellness, and financial freedom). The campaign entails a live tour of panel discussions rooted in authentic conversations and solutions in four (4x) key urban markets, a micro-verse hub inclusive of content highlighting the in-person conversations, and more. To amplify the campaign digital, linear, and audio will engage and emphasize messaging of the Real Talk Drives Real Change initiative. 

​​Real Talk Drives Real Change is a four-part series of content in live events acknowledging racial disparities and exploring actions that result in real change. This touring series of a panel discussion pointed at real action for change are followed by a performance. Urban One is proud to team up with Chevrolet to establish a multipronged approach to identifying and addressing issues that impact people of color. These live panel discussions will key on specific points within a larger issue. This free ticket to the public event will also be streamed and available on-demand.

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