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Dentsu Interactive Dashboard | The New Normal: Life post-pandemic in Australia

 Dentsu Interactive Dashboard

As we look towards recovery, understanding how Australians are thinking and feeling is important. This weekly tracking study surveys 400 people each week, giving you valuable insights into the changing consumer landscape and a view on how people are emerging from COVID-19.

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Data, intelligence and research reports

The Future of Finance - from dentsu Intelligence

The Future of Personal Finance is an information piece based on research from various sources. A compendium of trends and insights designed to arm our clients with intelligence on the new financial...

The Future of Wellness - from dentsu Intelligence

With 38% of Australians associating health and wellness to success, every brand now needs to think like a wellness brand. The concept of health has expanded to include not only physical, but mental...

The Cookieless World - A Guide for the New Era of Digital...

As the clock is ticking on third-party cookies, our report cuts through the ambient noise to help you prepare for the cookieless world.

iProspect | Where has spontaneity shifted to in a world c...

In this report, we look how since COVID Australians want to be secure and stable. But a regulated world suffocates spontaneity of choice, activity and purchasing.

Data Consciousness Project

The DCP is an annual study examining the relationship between Australians and the data they produce. The study draws on insights from the global dentsu 2020 Digital Society index (DSI), a survey of...

Carat | Gen Z in View

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z is a young generation already defined by greatness. In this report, we take a deeper look at this complex generation to better understand them on a human level, an...

Executive Summary | Dentsu 2030 Consumer Vision

Prior to COVID-19, dentsu began charting the long-term consumer trends that would shape the next decade for our industry. As brands respond, recover and pivot, we’ve updated our analysis to present...

Merkle 2021 Customer Experience Imperatives

As data and technology advancements emerge at an ever-increasing pace - and consumer expectations follow suit - it's no longer all about the CMO. The 2021 Merkle Customer Imperatives are a guide fo...

dentsu Ad Spend January 2021

Our January 2021 Ad Spend report reveals ad spend and growth forecasts across 59 markets, indexed for reference and analysed by our experts.

2020 | A Year In Review

2020 was a roller coaster of activity, presenting new challenges, emotions and fears for Australians. This latest report from dentsu Intelligence analyses data from our 2020 Discus Weekly Tracker t...

iProspect | 5 things affecting Australians in 2021

In this report, we look at the five top trends affecting Australians and the impact on their behaviours, and what brands can do to change, evolve and respond.

2020 CMO Study | Australian Insights

Dentsu’s 2020 CMO Study drew on insights from 1,361 CMOs from across 12 markets, including Australia. Here you’ll find a snapshot of some of the Australian-specific insights.

CMO Survey 2020 | Into the Unknown

What leading strategies are Frontier CMOs pursuing to guide their brands towards recovery and growth? Discover more in the latest edition of our annual CMO survey, the largest of its kind.

Our thinking: The future of the home

The iProspect ‘Covid Context Series’ provides actionable insights into key categories and consumers that will affect marketing and advertising spend. In this second report, we discuss the hermit cu...

Isobar CX Study 2020

Isobar’s 2020 Customer Experience Study has found a rise of ‘Creative Experience’ in response to Covid-19 – a new approach to customer experience focused on building brand differentiation through e...

Our thinking: Reshaping millennials attitudes and spendin...

The iProspect ‘Covid Context Series’ provides actionable insights into key categories and consumers that will affect marketing and advertising spend. In this first report, we uncover the huge behav...

dentsu Consumer Intelligence Study October 2020

The latest dentsu Consumer Intelligence study analyses 22 weeks’ worth of survey data on how Australians are thinking and feeling, and examines emerging consumer trends in response to Covid-19. Fro...
dentsu Commerce

The Total Commerce Playbook

The latest thinking from our US team explores the path brands need to take to have a complete commerce offering, and what pillars an organisation can build a ‘total commerce’ proposition on.

Our Thinking | August Consumer Intelligence Study

Australians were confident that the worst was behind us when a new wave of COVID-19 cases in Victoria left the country once again in fear. In this report, our Intelligence Team looks at how the eve...

Our Thinking: July Consumer Intelligence Study

In this latest report, we analyse the behavioural shifts of Australians over the last three months and explore how things have changed since Victoria moved into a second lockdown.

Our Thinking: Isobar's Uplift Series

Isobar has recently been called out by Gartner for its capability uplift skills. To help businesses build out their own internal digital capability, Isobar's Technical Director, Christian Brenner, ...

dentsu | Consumer Intelligence Report (April/May 2020)

How are Australians really feeling about life in the new normal? Our intelligence team are running a weekly consumer insights tracker to gauge the evolving consumer landscape. This document provide...

dentsu | Consumer and cultural shifts

In this report, we examine the consumer and cultural shifts occurring in Australia due to COVID-19 and which trends will remain afterwards.

Our Thinking | Consumer Intelligence Study Recovery Navig...

As Australia moves towards recovery, people continue to navigate the changes in mindset and lifestyle imposed by COVID-19. We are coming out of months of isolation and into another unknown reality....

Techlash or Techlove?

Consumption of digital media has rocketed in recent months, sparked by a desire to use technology to satisfy fundamental human needs to relax, connect with friends & family, to learn and to sta...

Deep Dive | Consumer Intelligence Study

As Australia moves towards recovery, our people continue to navigate the changes in mindset and lifestyle imposed by the turmoil caused by COVID-19. Consumers are coming out of months of isolation ...

dentsu | The Reality of Recovery: A Post COVID-19 World

As we are all adapting to the new normal, Dentsu Aegis Network wanted to take a deeper look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our clients’ business plans, how they have been responding to t...

dentsu Interactive Dashboard | Consumer and media insight...

All the latest data and consumer insights in one place. This dashboard provides you with the most up-to-date audience data and insights across TV, display, social, search and consumer spending, as ...

Amplifi | Data Powerhouse

As media consumption is transformed by COVID-19, our teams at Amplifi bring you the latest audience data from our media partners to help you make Informed Investment decisions.

MKTG | Virtual Events & Experiences

With consumers now hungrier than ever to connect, MKTG are offering to help brands reach their audiences using virtual experiences. Bringing together the team’s capabilities across data, strategy a...

Isobar | How to facilitate remote workshops effectively

Not all activities translate well from in-person to digital, and video conferencing alone doesn’t make an engaging and effective workshop. This Isobar workshop looks at how we can collaborate and s...

Dentsu Interactive dashboard | DISCUS: Dentsu Intelligenc...

In this constantly changing environment, the importance of meaningful and up-to-date data has become increasing relevant for dentsu and its clients. The dentsu Intelligence Social & Consumer Un...

dentsu | Christmas in the wake of COVID-19

At the end of 2019, we conducted research on how our clients can prepare for Christmas 2020. In this report, we apply a COVID-19 lens to the research to prepare a report that looks at how the consu...

Carat | Deep Dive: The impacts to Government

This report looks at how people’s behaviour and sentiment has shifted towards our institutions, what this means for the government, and how governments around the globe are responding to the pandem...

COVID-19 and the impacts on auto

The latest report from our intelligence team dives into how Australians are feeling at the moment, what they're expecting from brands during the crisis, and how the auto industry is being impacted ...

Carat | Deep Dive: The impacts to FMCG

This report examines the shifts in consumer attitudes and actions towards FMCG brands, an insight into the three shopper mindsets, what this means for the FMCG industry, and brands who got it right...

Carat | Deep Dive: The impacts to Finance

This report explores how COVID-19 is accelerating the switch to online banking, what the impacts to the finance sector are and how brands are implicated, and consumer expectations from the industry.

Carat | Deep Dive: The impacts to Insurance

This report looks at how people’s behaviour is changing toward the insurance industry, what this means for brands today and tomorrow, and examples of brands getting it right (and wrong)

Carat | Deep Dive: The impacts to Retail

This report examines how daily purchases have shifted as a result of COVID-19, the state of play for the retail industry and provides examples of what brands are getting it right (and wrong)

Carat | Deep Dive: The impacts to Liquor

This report examines how liquor purchases have shifted as a result of COVID-19, the state of play for the industry and provides examples of what brands are getting it right (and wrong)

Carat | A view from China - The Human Element

Our global Carat team are producing a podcast mini-series on the impact of COVID-19 across marketing, advertising and media. Join Richard Frampton, Head of Strategy & Solutions, DAN Media China...

Understanding the emotional response to a global pandemic

Large global events provide a catalyst for new sets of needs, attitudes and behaviours. In this report, we look at how the effects of COVID-19 are being felt across the world and what emotional sta...

dentsu China | Solving X: Lessons from China

What can we learn from how Chinese marketers have been addressing the COVID-19 crisis? Our global teams are pulling together insights and intelligence to best understand the road to recovery.

Isobar | How to manage high performing teams remotely

The spread of COVID-19 has - and will continue to - change how we operate and work together. We need to adapt to this new way of working to ensure we maximise opportunity along the way. Join our te...

Carat | Marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Brands that are getting It right make things of value, say things of value, and give things of value. Carat provides an overview of how you can be thinking about your businesses' marketing strategy...

Beyond the curve

This report brings insights from our BWM Dentsu and Intelligence teams to provide clients with an overview of life after Covid-19 and the implications for brands in Australia.

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