Travel DNA Webinar 2: Travel in the Age of Bigger Bolder Brands and Synthetic Society

In the Dentsu Consumer Vision 2030, we identified four overarching themes that will shape the next ten years in terms of consumer behaviour and brand response. Now, we have applied these themes to more specifically examine how the UK travel sector will change in the next decade and what this means for travel brands and the wider industry. The four forces that will shape the next ten years of consumer behaviour in travel are: Universal Activism, The Human Dividend, Bigger Bolder Brands and Synthetic Society. In this session we cover:

- What the growing use of AR and VR to create virtual worlds and experiences mean for mobility and travel services

- The development of artificial environments to drive travel and tourism throughout the 2020s

- Increasing subscription and membership-based travel creating growing consumer segments and identities

- The rising demand for hyper-personalised services as consumers seek brand-led optimisation across services and products

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