Connecting modern business

The values and behaviours of the modern B2B buyer are changing.

To succeed, brands need to navigate challenging and often siloed worlds, to deliver a united experience.

Delivering transformation by using data-fuelled creativity, agility, collaboration and innovation.

Delivering B2B brand experiences that align to audience beliefs and behaviours, at the speed of change.

Creating relationships, fit for today’s culture and the future.

Focusing on outcomes and growth.

Innovating to impact in three ways; impact for business, for people and for society.

Superpowers: a unique insight into B2B audiences

The Superpowers Index, our proprietary annual study, offers insights into B2B buyer needs, derived from 14,000+ global interviews and 25,000+ brand experiences across a number of sectors.

We reveal what truly drives B2B buying decisions, specifically what matters most to buyers and when it matters on the buying journey. This study - the largest B2B buyer study ever - can help to prioritise initiatives and track progress through Superpowers Index scores.

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A client-centric way of working

Our dentsu B2B global teams bring deep subject matter expertise across insight, creative, customer experience management and media. We create integrated teams around our client requirements, all in service of connecting customers, sales and marketing groups.

Our connected growth engine

We deliver transformative growth for our clients using a unique process. Our proprietary index, Superpowers, produces insights that help create business strategies. These are manifested across a number of B2B solutions, all of which are underpinned by data and technology.

Proud partners with iconic B2B brands

We partner with some of the world’s leading B2B businesses, helping connect them with their customers to drive growth.