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Seichō by dentsu: Returns in 2024

Seichō, which in Japanese signifies growth and unfolding development, embodies the constant innovation and growth deeply rooted in dentsu's unique heritage.

Catch up on demand as a stellar line-up of experts unpick the secrets to truly understanding customers, harnessing innovation to drive growth, and building a brand that creates culture.

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Seichō by dentsu 2023: A retrospective on last year’s event

Living in a world of constant flux, from political unrest to the ever-rising cost of living, businesses face myriad challenges alongside evolving consumer demands and increased competition. 

But amidst this uncertainty, how can brands grow most effectively?

Enter Seichō, a Japanese term embodying growth, development, and unfolding. Drawing from this philosophy, we delve into strategies for brands and businesses to thrive despite uncertainty, seizing new opportunities and staying ahead of the curve.

Look back at our insights into how fostering strong relationships among our people, partners, and customers drives success. Through a focus on three key imperatives—cultivating culture, driving societal change, and pioneering the future—we detail the pathways to growth and resilience.

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