Hyper-Personalised, Agile Buying Experiences for Rapid Brand Transformation  

Dentsu’s Retail Media Specialised Practice enables brands to build always-on, omnichannel buying experiences that unlock new audiences and develop deeper customer connections. Combining dentsu’s expertise in retail media, experience, technology, and dynamic creativity, we’re helping brands to create agile campaigns, providing them with tangible business outcomes at speed.  

The Practice enables more efficient, effective, and holistic retail campaigns that give a full view of the consumer, from advertising and outreach strategy to front-end store operations – all while being able to measure business impact better. It can connect with people in every medium to serve them where they already are – including social media, search, web, mobile, email, events, TV, and radio – to deliver completely joined-up experiences that ultimately move people to purchase.   

Dentsu is giving brands the flexibility to build a tailored approach to their own unique retail challenges, allowing them to deliver continuous, unbound experiences across all platforms and channels. Brands now only need to engage one agency partner to deliver connected end-to-end retail experiences. 

The Future of Retail

Retail media is one of the fastest growing channels as developments in infrastructure, the pace of innovation, and maturing attitudes to data privacy drive growing interest from brands looking to unlock new revenue streams. Dentsu’s Global Ad Spend report predicts digital retail media investments to accelerate the fastest with a 17.2% three-year compound annual growth rate.   

The customisable nature of the solutions within the Practice is vital to the success of brands in the retail space. The only pathway to success is to adopt an architecture that delivers the agility to change core components as market conditions evolve.

Efficiency and collaboration is key  

Brands are already reaping the benefits. Dentsu recently increased sales for the leading alcohol brand in the retail market by 22% on Amazon Commerce. It has also worked with Co-op to redesign its retail platform, driven by intelligence gathered from over 3 million customer data records.


Retailers on the waiting list to use this data to inform their own strategies

Why choose Dentsu?

Consumers no longer go shopping – they are always shopping. And they buy from brands that create emotional bonds. It’s up to brands to deliver unbound experiences across all channels and touchpoints. At dentsu, we are in a unique position of being able to deliver the entire customer journey and create experiences that match demand.  

Our Retail Media Specialist Practice offers flexible, transparent, retailer-owned, technology-independent capabilities that integrate seamlessly into existing tech-stacks. We are providing a roadmap for our customers to deliver the ultimate retail experience and drive value realisation.

Meet the Team

Paul Lynch

Integrated Solutions Lead, Retail & Commerce, UK paul.lynch@merkle.com