Understanding Generative AI Webinar - On Demand

No doubt your LinkedIn feed has been blowing up with talk of AI this and AI that since Christmas, with developments in Generative AI giving us a new set of tools to leverage in building great customer facing experiences, smarter.

With any new technology, however, there comes plenty of hype. In this webinar, we look to cut through said hype and get to the bottom of why Generative AI is relevant for brands and more broadly society, how brands should be considering using these tools now and where this area of AI might develop in the years ahead.

To provide a balanced view on the topic, you will hear from three Dentsu experts, each with their own unique point of view on the topic.

Our speakers will provide real-world examples of how generative AI is being used in industries and showcase the potential benefits and challenges of leveraging Generative AI tools.

By the end of this webinar, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the current state of Generative AI and its potential for the future. Whether you are a brand leader, a creative, or simply interested in the exciting world of AI, this webinar is for you.

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