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The role of the Chief Marketing Officer is more difficult than ever: ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option and the future is clouded by uncertainty. Although no one could have predicted the pandemic, some marketing leaders report feeling better prepared for the road to recovery than others. The U.S. report from our 2020 CMO survey examines the top challenges and strategies for navigating this new normal. Through the lens of ‘preparedness’, we also investigate which marketers feel better prepared to navigate the crucial months ahead and, importantly, uncovering why they feel that way.

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Global Report: Dentsu 2020 CMO survey

Our global report examines the mindset and level of preparedness for CMOs across 12 global markets, including Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. The report investigates the strategies that separate Frontier CMOs - those who are well-prepared - from Follower CMOs, who believe they are less well prepared for the future.

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What's the #1 challenge for CMOs?

Today’s CMOs find themselves at a crucial juncture for the journey of their brands. The direct impacts of COVID-19 are now well understood and budgets have been slashed. Our report identifies the strategies deployed by CMOs who are well prepared to manage the recession and are wrestling control of their brands’ destinies. View the quick read>

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