For a person with Dyslexia, the printed word can seem like a foreign language that everyone understands but you. The It's Hard To Read campaign was developed to capture the frustration and isolation felt by 15% - 20% of the population with reading and spelling but is taken for granted as a simple task by the rest.

Solution is a truly unique website experience, giving internet users a sense of what it is like to live with Dyslexia.

Promoted as the World's Hardest-to-Read Website, educates visitors about Dyslexia, while immersing them in unique experiential design and animation that offers a variety of reading challenges allowing Canadians to live the same difficulties as those with Dyslexia.


We used the timing of our launch – Family Literacy Day – to gain PR buzz. The launch of the allowed us to reach a national audience thanks to earned media coverage on Global News Morning Montreal and our Creative Chairman and on CTV Morning Live Ottawa. Ultimately, this led to over 777,000 Canadians visiting, discovering an immersive digital experience which shows how hard it is to read when you’re dyslexic. 78% of visitors scrolled to the bottom of the page, with an average visit time of 2:20 minutes.