Heinz Ketchup goes through rigorous tests to ensure the quality and taste is the exact same in every bottle. One of those tests ensures Heinz viscosity allows it to pour at the same speed every time, 0.045km/hour to be exact. Said another way, Heinz = Slow; Heinz is famous for being slow. So, they wanted to show consumers that this summer, going slow is a good thing.


They partnered with Waze to utilize their app’s built-in navigation and speed tracking system to target Canadians across the country that were stuck in traffic. Using real-time traffic data they were able to track the speed traffic was going. And if traffic went at the speed of ketchup, they rewarded them with free ketchup.


This was truly a high-performing brand awareness and recognition play for Heinz.

  • The save rates of the takeover ads were 34%, compared to industry benchmarks of 22%.
  • Redemption of the free ketchup also exceeded Waze’s coupon redemption benchmarks and resulted in the highest performing CPG campaign Waze has ever run.
  • The campaign achieved a whopping 147,730,225 PR impressions. Additionally, Spotify reached 606,932 impressions and attained an outstanding 97.4% audio completion rate.