The sleep category has become crowded with new, direct-to-consumer mattress-in-a-box brands popping up everywhere and gaining popularity. We needed to position IKEA as a true ‘sleep expert’ - reminding people of their expertise and wide range of sleep products.

But the question was, what is the audience that is most deprived of their sleep the most? How IKEA as a brand can empathize with them and be a part of the solution purely using media placements in a highly receptive environment?


In collaborative research with Spotify, we discovered that many new parents use white noise and other ambient sounds to help keep their babies asleep, and many turn to Spotify playlists to find the right sounds. A search on Spotify will yield hundreds of playlists for babies including white noise, lullabies, waves, sounds of the forest, and soothing flute melodies. Not when you are a non-premium member!

This got us thinking, what if we could help parents prevent their babies from waking up to show that IKEA really understands how important sleep is? We’re the sleep experts after all.


This media-led idea has won several awards both in Canada and around the world and is a great example of media creativity that collaborates with creative, digital activation and our ability understand the behaviour of consumers on a specific platform.

The campaign was a resounding success.  Most importantly, we didn’t wake any babies and solved the most pressing problem of new parents by helping them sleep better.