Food insecurity is reaching record high rates across Canada

Fuelled by rising food prices, food bank use rose to its highest level in 2022 according to Food Banks Canada. When times get tough, Canadians tend to reach for lower priced packaged foods, ones that are likely to be more processed and less healthy. Because of this, a major challenge facing Canadians today is how to afford healthy food when it feels increasingly out of reach.


An Inflation Fighting Tool
Inflation Cookbook is a grocery shopping tool that predicts the biggest price drops of the week and generates chef-inspired, and nutritionist vetted recipes based on those ingredients – turning real-time price volatility into healthy and delicious real-time savings.  

Tracking prices of 400+ ingredients across major retailers in 80 locations, Inflation Cookbook's adaptable platform is designed for seamless expansion. Its data-driven nature means it can easily accommodate inputs from different regions and markets beyond Canada, making it a versatile solution for budget-conscious consumers globally.

The innovation equips Canadians with the information they need to make affordable and nutritious choices that maximize their grocery budgets. 

Powered by real-time pricing data, to help Canadians eat healthy for less, the Inflation Cookbook reflects the values of food delivery app, SkipExpressLane by championing healthy, well-priced fresh groceries while also promoting their partnership with Food Banks Canada.


  • $21.8M in total savings for Canadian families projected by December 2023
  • 28,600 weekly users
  • 400 million media impressions
  • 355+ pieces of press coverage