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With such a successful campaign kick-off in 2018, No Frills decided that the best way to reward their loyal consumers was by offering PC Optimum points. In year two of the campaign, we were challenged to disrupt again and convert even more shoppers into ‘Haulers’ — people who equate their grocery haul as trophy or badge worth showing off.  


The Spot

First, we re-engaged “Haulers” by creating mass awareness with new No Frills epic 60-second anthem spots which ran during key Spring TV season finales and the Raptors and Leaf’s playoff games.

No Frills Aisles of Glory

We created a retro 8-bit video game that would let Haulers showcase their best hauls, reward them with PC Optimum points for use in-store or online every time they played, and crown the Ultimate Hauler. To launch, we offered influencers a beta version of the game to drive PR and unearned social engagement prior to the consumer launch. Working with a developer, the game perfectly resembled the store with the latest signage, fixtures and even products like No Name Chickpeas and PC Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies. Using Google Maps data and geolocation, the game pulled in players’ physical locations to serve the users store owner’s name and signage within the aisles.


With the launch of the game, Hauler engagement was off the charts. In the first 3 days, 50 Million PC Optimum points were earned by gamers, resulting in additional Optimum points to be added to extend coverage and by the end of the week, the game had over 200,000 players, topping the total campaign benchmark by 120%. But most importantly, in an age where engagement and attention span last mere seconds, the average time spent on the game totaled 3:57 minutes.

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