Intel Evo and Dell partnered with Carat to develop a custom, and exclusively Quebec, activation to communicate the superior functionality of their platform and to seed the Intel brand in the minds of Quebecers.

A transit shelter was fully branded with Intel Evo and Dell Inspiron 7620 2-in-1 and transformed into a live outdoor art exhibit, featuring a Quebec digital artist Jonathan Ly, to allow Quebecers to experience how Intel Evo power laptops are designed to deliver a no-compromise experience.


Carat launched an awareness campaign with a live countdown appearing on 35 Digital Transit Shelter Advertisements (TSA) across Montreal, invited people to visit the pop-up art hub for the live art activation. Those who attended could watch the evolution of Jonathan’s work on the 80” video screen. This 10-hour event included short intermissions with messaging focused on the benefits Intel Evo and Dell Inspiron 7620 2-in-1 provides to digital artists.

To maximize reach, everyone across Montreal saw ongoing, live updates of Jonathan’s artwork on a complete takeover of all 134 digital transit shelters.


Quebecers take immense pride in local creativity and ingenuity within their own artistic community. With such a bold and original activation, Intel Evo was able to make an impact and demonstrate the full potential of its Intel Evo platform.

Carat’s media campaign generated over 2.5M impressions (197% more than planned) and over 8,000 interactions with the stunt, which translated into a clear indication of interest, appeal, and engagement.

Carat was awarded Best Innovative OOF during the 2023 Toronto AdClub Out of Home Showdown.

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