Ideas-led, data-driven and technology-enabled

Dentsu’s unique and proven approach to marketing innovation offers our clients an integrated solution for brand building in the digital economy. From launching new products, defining new business models, creating new channels, accelerating growth transformation and building an innovative culture, we help cross-functional teams come together to compete at the rate of change and exponentially empower brand experiences at scale. 

Dentsu Innovation Studio 

The Dentsu Innovation Studio's mission is to create growth for clients by leveraging cutting-edge technologies emerging from Silicon Valley companies and Japanese companies. Clients partner with the Dentsu Innovation Studio to connect with Silicon Valley startups, uncover breakthrough technologies in response to their challenges and to incubate new business concepts. Leveraging our open ecosystem of partners, the Dentsu Innovation Studio has expertise across business development, design, software engineering, and data analysis. Our integrated teams research technology and business trends, source local collaborative partners, develop innovative applications and web services, and create software prototypes and MVPs.

Dentsu Labs

Innovation & Design Services

Proton is our proven methodology for building go-to-market strategies rapidly and effectively. Inspired by Design Thinking principles, we guide clients through four key stages: building an audience, defining the opportunity, ideating to win and prototyping and testing. Our integrated teams of strategists, creatives and technologists collaborate with client teams in workshops to craft scenarios, align opportunities with ideas and develop actionable plans to take to market.

Enterprise Innovation Accelerators

dentsu enterprise strategists work with clients to design, launch and manage innovation initiatives within their ecosystems. From hackathons to innovation portfolio evaluations to internal innovation curation and program design, dentsu helps evolve and create new service offerings, products and programs by bringing together the best innovations and innovators from across our global markets.

Digital Experience Starters

Dentsu has deep expertise in enterprise and emerging technology, which allows us to bring platform technology and experience starters to our clients. From our LiveStore collaborative commerce platform to  real-time, CGI-powered virtual events and experiences, we create powerful platforms that can be customized to help  clients achieve their digital experience goals quickly and with less risk.

The Experience Network

Leveraging our open ecosystem of collaborators, we have the agility to form ideas effectively, bring concepts to market with speed and create experiences that not only grow our clients’ business, but truly mean something to their customers. Beyond our traditional agency services, we collaborate with our technology alliances and media partners to consult on brand evolution, disruptive business models, and areas where the opportunity is not simply marketing.

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