How long did it take you to land a job in this industry? 

It took me about 6 months of proper searching and applying to land a job in this industry. I was lucky enough to have gone to a college (Global Academy) that provided me with great connections and networking opportunities. When Covid hit I chose to reach out to those connections (like where I work now - dentsu) so I would be the first choice when companies started hiring, the longer I work in this industry the more I realise it’s about who you know, not what.

What qualifications did you need? Did you go to university?

I don’t think you need any particular qualifications, just a passion for the industry. I did go to Uni for a term but dropped out after 3months as I didn’t feel like it was benefitting me and felt I would learn more on the job.

How many years of experience did you need to start? and what type of experience?

I started this job at 18 with most of my previous roles being in retail, I had done a bit of work experience throughout college though and think this was really beneficial as it helped me learn about the company I wanted to work in as well as make connections with people there. I do feel like the retail experience helped me too, I learnt how to speak to people and how to get through interviews. I don’t think you need that much experience but it’s always helpful.

How do you feel you’re being treated as a young person at work?

Being a young person at work is really strange sometimes, you have work friends that can be twice your age with a wife and kids whilst you’re still going out clubbing every weekend. I think most people forget your young until you say something about it. It does sometimes feel like your opinion is less valued because you have less experience so you do have to push for your voice to be heard, but the other side of that is when they need a Gen-Z’s opinion you become the biggest asset in the room. Ultimately it’s about proving your worth which you will always end up doing at a new job.

Are you getting good career development?

I think I’ve struggled to ask about career development, I think it can be awkward to ask ‘when can I get a promotion?’ I do think companies to a great job at letting you know how you’re doing through regular feedback and asking you to set annual goals, it’s just not always clear how and when you should be looking to move to the next step.

Annabel Coombs, Client Creation Executive, The Story Lab