Unfolding Growth: Building Brands for the Future


We live in an uncertain world - from political upheaval to the spiralling cost of living crisis, to ever-evolving customer needs and a growing set of new competitive threats. Achieving brand stability, and more importantly brand growth, represents a challenge to marketers as never before. But how can and should we navigate today’s landscape?

Seichō by dentsu, our latest flagship event, explored the now and next of how we can:

  • Create culture,
  • Invent the future,
  • Change society.

In Japanese, ‘Seichō’ means growth, and more specifically development and unfolding. Together with our phenomenal line-up of speakers, we used this philosophy to unpick how brands and businesses can grow against a backdrop of uncertainty, rising up to meet new opportunities as they unfold, and anticipating what’s coming next.

Whatever the future throws at us, marketers and brands must be ready to grow for right now and what’s next.

Are you ready? Discover the insights and watch our full agenda on our hub.

Welcome to Seichō!