How to build TRUST in AI today? Three key readiness take aways from Salesforce and dentsu

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Join us for an insightful post-Dreamforce 2023 conversation as we delve into the exciting world of AI and trust-building in the dynamic partnership between dentsu and Salesforce. Azlan Raj, the CMO of dentsu, and Jo Pettifer, VP of Marketing at Salesforce, come together to explore how each organization is shaping the future with AI.

In this podcast, we’ll explore: 

Highlights from Dreamforce 2023

  1. Using AI to enhance and accelerate the customer journey
  2. The importance of building trust in AI and whether existing caution is justified
  3. The most exciting aspects about the launch of AI in Marketing

Three key takeaways

  1. Ready Your Approach: Discover how to navigate the AI landscape by identifying risks and opportunities
  2. Ready Your Model: Identify what can be automated and ensure you have the correct governance in place, such as responsible AI and data policies
  3. Ready Your People: Empower your teams to enhance their AI skill sets, learn the new AI language and take advantage of the new technological opportunity
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