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increase of female artists streamed through Spotify


people driven to the Equalizer experience with over 193,000 playlists created


increase in people believing Smirnoff makes a difference to gender bias in music


Data from Spotify showed that the top ten streamed tracks on the platform were by male artists.

While people were beginning to wake up to gender disparity in music, listening habits were not reflective of this change.


Users connected their Spotify accounts through the Equalizer, to see how equal their listening habits were.

The Equalizer provided users with an equalized playlist based on their preferences. A slider allowed users to add more female artists, which they could share on social to promote and encourage female artists.


We’ve moved one step closer to achieving gender parity in music and will continue to empower the transformation of listening habits at scale; increasing the number of opportunities for women artists to be heard on the worldwide stage.


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