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In 2015 Casio G-SHOCK set out to step-change awareness and consideration of their range of products among their core fans as well as a new, older, broader group.

Our team in the UK set out to do something different and to truly stand out in an original and innovative way that matched the heritage of the brand. 


We created a truly integrated campaign with Factory Media and broadcaster Dave including TV sponsorship, digital, social, branded content, product placement, PR and experiential to shift perceptions and drive a significant uplift in sales.

We ensured that The Indestructibles had Casio G-SHOCK branding fully integrated throughout, with branded graphics and replays. We ensured stunts were time sensitive, making the watches integral to the editorial narrative and allowing natural opportunities for product placement. As broadcast sponsors, idents surrounded the show and as part of the deal will retain Casio G-SHOCK’s branding every time the show is repeated and syndicated worldwide for five years.


The Indestructibles marked an innovative new model for an advertiser-funded original show. 

An audience was cultivated online through clips and short form content, driving people to the on-air show culminating in over 10 million views.

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