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Set against a context of declining demand for foreign holidays and a gloomy economic outlook, Halfords wanted to build affinity with customers old and new by creating a clear role for their products in relation to summer journeys. 

The aim was to celebrate the ‘staycation’ and gear the nation up for summer.

We wanted to make Halfords the gateway to British summers, inspiring Britons to embrace the staycation. 


The focus was on getting families to spend time outdoors and educating readers of the long-term health benefits. 

We sparked imaginations and promoted Halfords’ solutions showing families how to make the most of summer - with the kit required to make it a success. Through 370 print and digital articles, supplements, video, interactives and in-store activity over three months. Relatable social influencers spread the word onto social networks, influencer blogs and directly into Halfords stores. 

Halfords’ staff, experts on getting the most out of products, providing the fit and service, were integral. We demonstrated how real families, with the help of expert Halfords store colleagues, could easily get outdoors. 


• 400,000+ readers considered key staycation activities.

• 71% agreed the content made them more likely to recommend Halfords

• 500,000 more adults considered Halfords for cycling, 330,000 more for motoring, 680,000 more for camping

• The campaign saw an 86% increase in Sales ROI 


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