We live in an uncertain world. From political upheaval to spiralling cost of living crisis, coupled with ever evolving customer needs and a growing set of new competitive threats. 

But how can and should we navigate today’s landscape? 

Seichō, means Growth, and more specifically development and unfolding, in Japanese. We will be using this philosophy to unpick how brands and businesses can grow against a backdrop of uncertainty, rising up to meet new opportunities as they unfold and anticipate what’s coming next. 

Together we explore how our people, partners and brands can create better relationships with each other and the customer by focusing on three imperatives for success: create culture, change society, invent the future. 

Explore the content below from across our three locations and related content we think you may find interesting.

Introduction to Seichō

Welcome to the House of dentsu from Angela Tangas, CEO UK&I dentsu

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Can I get your attention please?

Ron Burgundy, Professor McGonagall, Pavel Chekov and Eminem all asked for it, and we stood up.

In advertising, most of the time, we don’t reach the heights of the Real Slim Shady. Attention, and getting it, has become the buzz word, battleground or breakthrough, dependent on who you are talking to.

In truth, though, attention is earned and earning more of it is a challenge to us all. We will bring together psychology, analytics, storytelling and sensitivity to collaborate on a new way to ask, ‘can I have your attention please’?

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How to stay relevant with creativity

The best brands not only live in culture, they shape culture.

Ronseal’s ‘It does Exactly What It Says on the Tin’ is of the UK’s most enduring and successful brand platforms, now firmly part of the British vernacular. But how, when the world changes so fast, do you stay relevant?

From Covid pivots – becoming as much about mental health as DIY – to being a premium brand asserting its value in a cost-of-living crisis; product diversification to campaigning on social issues and giving back to the community; we talk to Ronseal and Heinz about growth and market leadership, connecting with consumers, and evolving while staying true to their heritage to remain at the heart of culture.

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Inventing the future – do you want to play?

Gaming is firmly in the mainstream but how can a brand build authentic connections in this new world?

Our expert panel explores how and when to play and when to sit back and watch.

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Changing society - The biggest and best brief you'll ever work on

As brands we have a unique power to influence and help build a better society, we also have a responsibility to minimise the impact of the activity of our marketing and products on the world. In this session we meet brands on a mission to make a difference and explore the challenge of moving from paying lip service to real action.

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The Contagious Radar: The year’s biggest opportunities and challenges

What should marketers be focusing their time and attention on? The uncertainty of a global pandemic has been replaced with a new set of challenges: instead of the ‘New Normal’ the economy has been banjaxed by Brexit, the conflict in Ukraine and a cost-of-living crisis of generational severity. Find out how the brightest minds in the industry are responding to these headwinds – and what you can do to translate the worst of times into the best possible outcomes for brands.

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From marketing to mattering - every interaction matters

Being a company that focuses on what matters in today’s world requires the ability to be an adaptive organisation that puts people at its centre. To pivot from marketing to people, to mattering to people, requires an understanding of how your organisation can become more adaptive around the needs of your business, people and society, to drive trust and the next generation of loyalty.

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