Media Company Viewability and Brand Safety Requirements



Viewability Definition

Dentsu advertising agencies (“dentsu” and/or “Agency”) are aligned with JICWEBS/IAB viewability definitions which determine an opportunity to see (OTS).

Video - 50% of pixels in view for 2 seconds.                                                         

Standard display - 50% of pixels in view for 1 second.                                                     

Large canvas display - 30% of pixels in view for 1 second.                                              

Required minimum viewability guarantees

The following are the minimum levels of viewability guarantees that each publisher (“Media Company”) must adhere to when activating standard campaigns for dentsu clients (“Clients”). Certain key Clients may have different guarantees that will be confirmed to Media Company in advance, by the dentsu buying teams.           


Brand Impact80%

Performance / Direct Response



Viewability % will be measured by an MRC accredited 3rd party ad verification technology.

The usual verification partners used are:


Double Verify

Active View (Google)

The ad verification technology will be specified by either dentsu or Client at time of booking.


Failure to achieve the required viewability thresholds will result in a proportionate reconciliation of the media booking.               


Booking £150k for a brand campaign - 85% target viewability                                                      

79% Viewability achieved                                                            

£150,000 X 79% = £118,500                                                         

£118,500k / 85% = £139,412                                                       

Final booking reconciled down to £139,412         

Brand Safety

Inclusion list

Media Company must deliver all media within the confirmed dentsu inclusion list.


Dentsu will use 3rd party ad verification to measure the delivery of media.

Media Company must agree to give dentsu read only audit rights to any proprietary or third party buying platform used. Dentsu reserve the right to perform spot checks of said buying platform to ensure correct brand safety measures are in place on dentsu campaigns.


Without prejudice to the other rights and remedies the Agency has, Failure to deliver 100% of media within the correct inclusion list will result in non-payment for the respective campaign, may incur further financial penalties and/or result in termination of your deal partner status.

Dentsu Programmatic: Viewability & Brand Safety Policy (March 2022)

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