Dreaming big, inspiring change

In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, innovation is critical to staying competitive and driving meaningful progress. Yet, innovation can be difficult, requiring radical collaboration across geographies and disciplines. It requires a thorough understanding of the customer - the way they think and feel, to truly engage at a human level. It requires the mindset of dreaming big, ideating divergent ways to solve a challenge. And it requires an activation mindset to bring the right ideas to life. 

Truly remarkable brands change our perception of where the threshold in their category should lie. But, brands too often rely on past playbooks to reduce variance and risk. Creative and innovation work requires a different mindset and culture – one that increases variance and provides a safe place to experiment and fail.

Welcome to our innovation playground

id8 is dentsu’s suite of ideation products that help your teams flex their creative, collaborative muscle. We built this based on dentsu’s 8 ways of working, bringing to life behaviors that drive innovation and meaningful progress. 

Our capabilities

id8 Sprint

Using human-centered design methods, sprints are one-day ideation workshops that bring together cross-functional and cognitively diverse stakeholders, to dream big solutions that will both solve a business challenge and meet a customer need.

id8 Hack

Hacks are based on the open innovation belief that a good idea can come from anyone, anywhere. A challenge is sent out to hundreds or even thousands of people across your organization, dentsu, and partners, and then converged and built upon. 

id8 Hub

Progress happens when access to technology and creativity is democratized. Hub is an always-on innovation platform where ideas can be continuously stored, adapted, built out and scaled across your organization. 

Our approach

Open Innovation

Ideas cannot be created in isolation. Our open innovation platform brings together cognitively diverse thinking across multiple sectors, disciplines and geographies.

Acting with Speed

Our ideation methodologies are based on agile ways of working, utilizing technology to enable faster, divergent idea creation, convergence and iteration.

Understanding People

We know people better than anyone else, and bring the full weight of our insight tools and technologies to our ideation processes.