Dentsu Programmatic UK: Brand Safety Policy

Purpose Statement:

Dentsu Programmatic UK Policy:

Dentsu Programmatic uses appropriate schedules (inclusion lists) and inappropriate schedules (exclusion lists) to minimise the risk of ad misplacement and mitigate fraud. It works with technology and content verification partners to further mitigate risk.


Dentsu Programmatic established this document to detail our process for delivering safe brand advertising campaigns for clients. All reasonable endeavours will be applied to minimise the risk of ad misplacement on all inventory.


Dentsu Programmatic has a responsibility to clients to minimise ad misplacement. Misplacement can occur at either category or page level. This can include advertising appearing in clear inappropriate context or, with reference to individual advertiser policy, for example an alcohol client’s advertising appearing on websites targeting under 18 year olds.

Dentsu Programmatic are verified as following the Digital Trading Standards Group’s Good Practice Principles, which are endorsed by the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards, known as JICWEBS. Dentsu Programmatic also works with the City of London’s Police on Operation Creative, an initiative to block copyright infringing websites.

Scope Statement:

This Brand Safety Policy applies to all ad placements made by Dentsu Programmatic across all media including Display, Mobile, and VOD. As a key preventative measure, Dentsu Programmatic utilises an inclusion list to positively target brand safe contexts at the pre-bid stage. In addition to this Dentsu Programmatic utilises native and third party pre- bid technology solutions to ensure brand safety. Dentsu Programmatic considers all below inappropriate content and blocks in all campaigns:

*Adult Content

*Hate Content

*Copyright Infringement

*Extreme Violence

*Gambling content

*Drug and Alcohol Content

*Illegal Activities

*Religious Content

*File Sharing Sites

*Dating Sites

*Political Sites

*Unmoderated Forums and Blogs

3rd Party Content Verification Tools

At the client’s request Dentsu Programmatic uses 3rd party tools to block and report on inappropriate content. This can be in addition to, or instead of, our standard approach to verification. In these instances:

  • Pre and post-Bid blocking is defined on a per advertiser basis;
  • Reporting is offered to track and highlight all domains advertising has run across post bid;
  • Regular spot check on post bid reporting is used to manage sites that change content type (these are blocked and flagged).

Exclusion lists

In addition to our default content verification, at the client request, Dentsu Programmatic will implement a bespoke exclusion list across to programmatically traded campaigns. This is in conjunction with other verification tools we use as a standardised form of protection.

Exclusion lists

  • Exclusion lists are constructed from top level domains;
  • Beyond this bespoke exclusion list are available and are based on a specific client’s requirements;
  • The exclusion list is applied to all activity;

At the client’s request Dentsu Programmatic uses pre-bid solutions in conjunction with general inclusion lists.


At Dentsu Programmatic we understand that to remain effective brand safety approaches need to be regularly assessed and updated if necessary. We do this via:

  • On-going Maintenance

We regularly update exclusion lists across all DSPs. This is performed by Trading Team CV Specialist;

  • Campaign Specific Planning

Planning Team identify specific client requirements that need to be addressed for a campaign;

Traders then adjust the exclusion list and pre-bid tools accordingly and seek approval from the head of trading before pushing the activity live.

Take Down Policy

Dentsu Programmatic has strong preventative measures to minimise ad misplacement but also performs spot checks. If an ad falls outside of the appropriate schedule, Dentsu Programmatic will use its best endeavours to remove the ad from the relevant platform as soon as possible having regard to the relevant media booking terms and conditions as regards timing.  Dentsu Programmatic has the ability on all the DSP’s to remove URLs from the exclusion list and add them to the exclusion list.

In case of emergency please contact

The contractual consequences of not taking down an ad in accordance with our Take Down Policy are evaluated on a case by case basis, with reference to the booking terms  agreed with between  Dentsu Programmatic and the relevant media owner.

Dentsu Programmatic: Client Brand Safety Policy (March 2022)

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