The Cookieless World 2022 Update

The Cookieless World 2022 Update
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With the deprecation of third-party cookies firmly in motion, the last twelve months have been particularly busy for brands as they face critical technology decisions with deep ramifications throughout their businesses.​

In June 2021, dentsu released The Cookieless World - A Guide for the New Era of Digital Marketing, a comprehensive deep-dive into the ongoing deprecation of third-party cookies and what brands can do to prepare. ​

While the structural dynamics and the key recommendations described in that report still hold true, a lot has happened over the last year, from new regulatory debates to new announcements from technology platforms. ​

For this reason, we have taken a fresh look at how these recent changes around the end of third-party cookies impact brands, and what brands should consider doing to ensure business continuity.​

In this addendum to the 2021 guide, we look into implications across Data Management, Audience Activation, and Performance Measurement, following a campaign’s progress from preparation to planning and targeting, to proving effectiveness. We also offer a checklist of key considerations to help prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies.