We’re dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of our people. With a forever changing environment and different life pressures, our Wellbeing employee network was created. 

Educate. Support. Empower.

The sole purpose of the dentsu Wellbeing Committee is to create a caring and inclusive environment where our people can thrive. ​The network provides support and education across all areas of personal and professional wellbeing to empower and inspire employees. ​

Educate.​ Ensure employees have a greater understanding of mental health and the importance of their wellbeing.​

Support. ​Ensure employees have access to the right support and tools for them to create and maintain a healthy work life balance.

Empower.​ Ensure employees have the opportunity to contribute to and improve wellbeing amongst themselves and their colleagues.

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Our 100% employee owned and run LGBT+ and allies network.

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Promoting and celebrating gender equality.

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Parents and Carers

We're a family friendly business.

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Social Impact

Our strategy to conquer the 'digital divide'.

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A network for employees from a BAME background and those who champion diversity and inclusion.