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Angela Tangas: A Spotlight on one of The 10 Most Innovative CEOs of 2023

Read our exclusive interview with Angela Tangas, dentsu UK&I's visionary CEO, who is on a mission to reshape advertising with purpose and innovation. Recognised as one of "The 10 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch in 2023," Tangas shares her inspiring journey and vision for a future where brands, consumers, and society unite seamlessly. Join us for this exclusive interview and explore the future of connected experiences.

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People-Centered Transformation

At dentsu, we drive people-centered transformation. We craft content that connects, relationships that reward, and experiences that enrich. Driven by our Sanpo Yoshi philosophy, we foster change that’s good for business, good for our people, and good for society. Click to watch the video and find out more about who we are.

Seichō Live Tour

We live in an uncertain world. From political upheaval to spiralling cost of living crisis, coupled with ever evolving customer needs and a growing set of new competitive threats.  

But how can and should we navigate today’s landscape?  

Seichō, means Growth, and more specifically development and increasingly unfolding, in Japanese. We used this philosophy to unpick how brands and businesses can grow against a backdrop of uncertainty, rising up to meet new opportunities as they unfold and anticipate what’s coming next.  

Follow the link below to explore how our people, partners and brands can create better relationships with each other and the customer by focusing on three imperatives for success: create culture, change society, and invent the future.

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The Pace of Progress | dentsu 2024 Media Trends

Over the last 14 years, dentsu’s annual Media Trends report has become the most sought-after trend forecasting report in the industry. In 'The Pace of Progress | dentsu 2024 Media Trends' report we...

Integrated Customer Services: The New Loyalty Frontier

Keeping customers loyal is no longer a post-sale focus or a programme of activity, it’s embedded into the whole customer experience from the moment someone first interacts with your brand and throu...

The 2023 B2B Superpowers Index

The Merkle B2B 2023 Superpowers Index outlines what drives competitive advantage within the business culture and subcultures that are critical to success. It is the indispensable guide for B2B mark...

2023 CX Imperatives

To meet the expectations of today’s consumers, you need to start asking the big questions. How do you want your customers to feel? How can you make their lives better? And how can you grow your int...

Dentsu Creative CMO Report 2023

Our annual survey of 700 CMOs and senior marketers in the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy and Spain forms the 'Dentsu Creative CMO Report 2023:Creativity at a Crossroads'. Featuring...

Read the Room

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to dominate headlines, dentsu have undertaken research into how consumers are responding to the UK’s current economic conditions. Surveying 2000 people about ...

Media Trends 2023

In a slowing economy, consumer media behaviors evolve rapidly. Diversification and convergence occur, with content and commerce platforms incorporating ads to engage users. A battle between tech gi...

A Sustainable Approach To Business Transformation

Business transformation is no longer optional; it's essential. In the past decade, the business landscape has evolved significantly. Today, brands must prioritise customers and address real-world p...

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