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increase in productivity for bankers


Isobar’s goal was to reduce the time to set up products by at least half, whilst providing valued information about how to bank effectively with ANZ.


The solution combined ANZ’s systems into one beautiful unified shared screen experience, enabling customers to take charge of their financial health. Isobar crafted a model that represents the often fragmented and nonlinear nature of conversations between the customer and banker allowing a seamless and transparent banking experience. 

ANZ Banker Desktop gives customers the ability to visit multiple branches across multiple channels, whilst maintaining a consistent and speedy banking experience.


The ANZ Banker Desktop has resulted in a huge leap forward in ANZ’s banking services nationally. The unified shared screen experience has:

- condensed multi-siloed system into to just one;
- reduced customer information required from 400 pieces down to 8; and
- reduced application times of one hour down to less than ten minutes.

In Australia alone, customers and bankers save 1,660 hours daily, resulting in an 80% increase in productivity for bankers.