The strategy was to combine Facebook Messenger API’s with Popcorn’s Movie Ticketing API’s into a single chatbot interface, they’d have the means to create a seamless experience through audiences would be able to engage with content and purchase tickets without ever leaving the Disney Facebook Messenger ecosystem.   


The idea was to use the new-to-market technology partner, to built an ecosystem where people could engage with Disney content on social and put a brand-relevant pre-set hashtag in the comments (e.g. #AvengersSG) to trigger Messenger.  

This trigger activated purchase without leaving Disney's ecosystem, connecting content directly to box office results and raising overall media efficiency through greater engagement.  


In the Bot Office first week 100% of people who entered the system engaged, 58% converted. 

In subsequent films, we had 18x more comments than any other in-season social content and the conversion rate increased to 58% then to 68% overall as we refined the purchase funnel. 81% clicked it again for Ant-Man & The Wasp.