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The global entertainment industry generates 1,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. as reported by The New York Times. Music is one of the key entertainment industries which caused the problem. BANPU, one of the leading green energy companies in Thailand, would like to make a game-changing solution by proving that we can use only green energy for creating and promoting music.


'Song for the Future' is a campaign which was created to show that there's a better way to produce and promote a song and it will be the brighter future for the music industry. Dentsu Creative Thailand co-created a song titled 'Brighter Sky' with Violette Wautier, a famous singer and songwriter in Thailand who appeals to the new generation of Thais with the voice for change.

With the invention of e-PromptMove, the Total Energy Solution from BANPU will convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in batteries. These energies were used in every process of this song.


When the song was released, the number of views continued to rise up to more than 4 million views on Youtube and Facebook with positive feedback at 83%. The story behind every process where using only green energy from e-PromptMove has been talked about in the media, with a PR value of more than 15 million baht. 

BANPU's brand survey improved a lot in many ways after launching this campaign. They are recognised as an outstanding green energy company by +35%, a creative company by +17% and a company that understands the new generation by +30%. But most importantly — artists and music companies see a new way of environmentally-friendly music production.

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