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Puberty is synonymous with growing pain for many females, as it not only simply means experiencing menophania but also symbolizes a spiritual awakening against gender stereotypes.

While parental care and guidance can help most urban girls smoothly get through this special time, those mountain girls are left behind in a socially backward environment with limited access to information and the absence of family love. 

What can we do to help those mountain girls?


We found that tens of millions of females have carved ways out of their mountain origins every year to rewrite their destiny. As role models for those left-behind mountain girls, they can share valuable experiences and advice.

Fenbid hoped to build a bridge between the two groups and bring the precedents’ feminine power, confidence, and courage back to the mountains.


In 2022, Fenbid launched its new menstrual pain reliever.

Partnering with Bright & Beautiful Charity, Fenbid turned the packaging of its new menstrual pain reliever into a letter for mountain girls. 

Meanwhile, Fenbid called its consumers, who were once born to be mountain girls, to share their inspiring stories with those left-behind kids.

Every letter is synonymous with encouragement and empowerment, which was delivered by the charity to mountain girls while unlocking their access to courses and Fenbid’s gifts.

A number of celebrities and influencers who were also once mountain girls, together with Fenbid, went back to the mountains. 

Through the dream camp, they brought the confidence, courage, and all female energies to fight pain, as well as art courses for mountain girls in need!

The documentary video “A Dream Camp for Mountain Girls” as well as Fenbid’s initiative earned reports from over 30 media outlets.

Fenbid brought feminine power to mountain teenagers to combat their growing pain and follow their dreams.

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