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Today, gossip and clickbait stories sell more than actual news. Impactful stories that journalists toil most for are buried deep within the website with little visibility. They are instructed to focus on getting clicks, hence 'masala' or spicy news is given more real estate in publications. 

The challenge was to help get actual news to the people in a way that caught their attention despite all the fluff floating around while striking a balance between the ethics and economics of journalism.


To deliver two pieces of news to our audience in the same article - one that catches the eye and gets clicked on, bundled with an impactful report waiting to be revealed upon highlighting the text on the article on top. 

Through an ingenious adaptation of an HTML code, impactful but undiscovered stories on our platforms were embedded behind trending articles. With a simple ‘select and drag’, the relevant piece of story came to the forefront. The same innovation was applied to emailers and banners. A mass digital campaign was undertaken to inform people about this initiative.


Each interaction with a trending story resulted in more pressing news being found. It became a brand IP, making it extendable to GDN, roadblock and sustenance media campaigns.

Within 10 days of going LIVE, reading time on the brand website went up by 242.6%, amassing ~54 million impressions, 48 million reach, and a subscription increase by 12.7%.

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