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Autistics people translate the world differently and produce distinct expressions, especially through artworks. We discovered that their minds could be unlocked through the power of music. We then conducted studies on the effects of Binaural Beats on the brainwave of artists with autism spectrum.

With the interconnection of the campaign with music, we have the best place on the stage of music concerts and festivals. Huge screens attracting the attention of youth, sharing the excitement through their social media is our main media insight. From there, the hype spreads like wildfire; digital press, coffee shops, videotron spots, joining the cause by giving free spaces for the artworks.


Specific binaural beats in alpha range are incorporated into chosen songs. Artists with autism spectrum will create art while listening to the binaural boosted music. This boost of binaural beats are proven effective as their attention peaks were enhanced, thus making it easier for them to concentrate on creative tasks. 

The result is a whole new kind of art that is exhibited on Spotify Canvas, which can be accessed by everyone through the ARTISM EXHIBITION: Binaural Beats Mix official playlist. Through this idea, we want to put a change in motion for the art market, to embrace inclusivity and welcome neurodivergent with a new art genre they can own.



The main exhibition is displayed on Spotify Canvas on ARTISM Exhibition Binaural Mix official playlist. DENTSU CREATIVE Indonesia expands the media channel to the extent of stage video at the concerts and festivals. They hung artwork in popular coffee shops with a QR code that leads to the Spotify Canvas. Mainstream digital media flock on the news and they even managed to get videotron spots for free, as a form of support for the inclusivity case. 

The pilot project ran for 2 months, but the playlist where the exhibition takes place is becoming an official playlist that exists permanently on Spotify.

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