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rural villages were given The Everything Book


hours of Vedantu content was streamed.


kids learned from The Everything Book


increase in class attendance


Education in rural India has been a long-standing challenge due to various factors ranging from improper infrastructure, shortage of qualified teachers, and poverty, forcing children to work instead of attending school. This is where remote parts of India lag behind in the educational divide between rural and urban settlements.

High-speed internet could counter this but in many parts of India, access to reliable connectivity is a challenge. With only 5% of rural India having access to the internet, online learning is nearly impossible. While infrastructure are being built to eventually connect Indians to the internet, completion dates are not in the immediate future.

Vedantu, India's leading e-learning platform, ensures that education won't stop, no matter where you are. Ensuring the solution was easy to install and use, as well as scalable to cover a significant part of the country, the Everything Book brought uninterrupted education and connectivity to students.


A pioneer in modern education, The Everything Book is an internet signal aggregator. It houses a cloud-based AI packet broadcaster and assembler service that combines weak 2G mobile networks around it into on 4g 'Hyperspot'. It's a vast country, but this lets children connect to Vedantu from the remotest corners of India. 

Since the device is handheld and needs to be charged like a mobile phone, it can be transported anywhere easily. Children access courses for free, right from grade 1, their foundational years of education to grade 12 - a critical year in an Indian child's education. 

The Everything Book was brought to life through rigorous research, curation, and thoughtfully designing the most fundamental aspects of the book right from the detailing of the pages to the overall experience of making it inclusive, distinctive and easy to absorb for the minds building India's future.



The Everything Book is a great step by Vedantu towards democratising education. There is so much potential in what has been lost because of a lack of access to the right resources in rural India, which the book has started bridging the gap for. These young children now have a fair chance of turning their dreams into reality, in turn inspiring the generation of kids to come. Vedantu was able to connect with and help an audience that was for many reasons being missed by similar efforts being made towards the cause.

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